Benefits of Switchgrass 

benefits of planting switchgrass

Huge root systems will reach over 10 feet into the soil. These root systems improve soil conditions by adding organic material, they also increasing water filtration in the soil, nutrient holding capacity and erosion control. Switchgrass and other NWSG have a competitive edge over many other grasses during drought, high temps and low nitrogen soil conditions. Grown in the same environment many grasses will lose large amounts of water whereas NWSG will be efficient in its water usage, soil moisture is conserved, thereby allowing for longer growth in drought conditions. Switchgrass is an adaptable, winter hardy crop that will grow under a wide range of climate and soil conditions. Because it is a native plant, switchgrass is resistant to many pests and plant diseases. SG is capable of producing high yields with low maintenance cost and is tolerant of many agricultural problems. Because it is a perennial, switchgrass is a true conservation crop. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to planting switchgrass is the environmental benefits it provides. Included in these environmental benefits is the wildlife cover that it offers in the way of quality nesting areas for birds, wintertime cover, protection from predators and awesome bedding areas for whitetails. These desirable traits make SG a favorable crop with farmers and land managers alike.

Switchgrass is capable of producing high yields with low maintenance cost…