Clover Quick-Plant Guide

When to plant

Make sure you plant clover in early spring, late summer, or frost seed in late winter with late August seedings being the most trouble free.

How much to plant

Typically white clover stands can last 3-5 years while red clover 1-3 years, with whites being easier to manage as a food source.  Plant white clover at 4-6 pounds per acre and red clover at 8-12 pounds per acre.  You can add cereal grains for a nurse crop to hold down weeds and attract whitetails at the same time.

Paul shows you a freshly tilled/packed/planted/packed clover plot…

Growing and Care

Fertilize and lime per soil test (200-300 pounds of 6-28-28 will work in a bind), disc/till soil once, lightly till or drill in oats or rye 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ deep, cultipack to firm soil, broadcast clover seed, and re-cultipack to cover 1/8-1/4″ deep.  Clip off spring planted oats in mid summer or fall planted rye in late May.  If grasses become a problem use 6-8 ounces of clethodim (Select/Arrow) with one quart of crop oil per acre. Clipping will control most broadleaves but BUTYRAC- 200 (2-4DB) can be used if needed.  When the clover strip starts to thin, rotate the clover to a high nitrogen user like Brassicas or corn.


Soon you’ll have a beautiful clover patch that will attract deer and turkeys both!

Here we see the desired result – a lush field of clover that can attract deer and turkeys…