• What does it take to become a team member with Outreach Outdoors?

    Anyone can become a member of Outreach Outdoors.  We have different parts to our team and all are very important.  Our goal is to take people from a “front porch” type environment and walk them into the “living room,” where community is established.  From there we hope to push people to the “kitchen table” where growth occurs.

    As people walk towards the kitchen table, they will be plugged into a community regional group where they can connect and contribute to Outreach Outdoors.  Their community leader will lead and guide in how to give back.

    If interested, please read through the material on this page and check out the rest of our site.  If still interested, please send us an email at: info@outreachoutdoors.com

  • Passion for Faith and the outdoors

    That is what we are all about – using hunting and the outdoors to challenge Christians to live a life of purpose while also sharing Jesus Christ with non-believers.  We are passionate about the outdoors and our faith – so why not use the outdoors as a means to bring glory to God.

  • How can we contribute?

    We do a lot of filming.  Filming, pictures, stories, etc….anything to bring content to our website and social media outlets to draw people in – that’s what we are after.  From there, we hope to bring people to relationships through our forums – being a member there and posting frequently is the best way to contribute there.

    We want your personalities, characteristics, and gifts to shine through. We feel God has given you a talent and that very well may be different than ours, which is awesome! We would ask that you bring your gift to the team to add to the body that God has already started here at Outreach Outdoors.

  • What do you hunt?

    Currently, we are filming whitetails with a bow and muzzleloader, but are not limited to just whitetails. We are open to other hunts as well such as turkey, mule deer, elk, etc.  Food plot videos, fishing, mushroom hunting, anything outdoors – it is all a part of what we do.

  • Filming and Editing Hunts...

    No one knows your story better than you and God.  Filming your hunts with an HD camera and editing yourself will best help you tell the story that needs to be told.  We do have some guys free to edit, but it helps to be able to tell your own story and contribute from where you are.