About Us

When we were first moved to start Outreach Outdoors, we began with a very general vision in mind – a Christian hunting ministry aimed at Christians all over the United States coming together, under the name of Christ, to form one ‘massive body’ to make a difference for the kingdom of God. It was not specific, nor was it intended to draw people with the same gifts. The Bible is very clear that we are all given different gifts; and our intent is that we can draw people with different gifts all over America, under one umbrella, to team together and encourage one another to use those gifts – encouraging each other and making Christ known to nonbelievers. And right now, God is carrying out His plan amongst us as we have team members from all over the US – from Kentucky to Wisconsin, Michigan to Iowa. Some are great writers, some great behind a camera. Others are skilled with land management, blessed with finances, while others are technologically savvy. All gifts are used to keep this train rolling in the direction that God wants it to go – making His name known to all.

Photo: Outreach Outdoors’ Team members volunteer at the annual SYC deer hunt.

Our mission

Outreach Outdoors is a Christian hunting ministry aiming to spread the message of Jesus Christ to non-believers and challenge Christians to live a life of purpose.

What is a Christian Hunting Ministry?

Outreach Outdoors is a Christian hunting ministry – what does this mean? It simply means that God wants to use our gifts and passions to glorify Himself. It doesn’t matter what the avenue is – ours just happens to be hunting – but whatever it is, God wants to use it to draw people to Him. So, Christian hunting is, to us, going out on stand with the goal of experiencing God and making Him the goal, versus leaving disappointed that you went home empty-handed once again. It’s about experiencing the Creation and worshipping the Creator; it’s about sacrificing your time and comfort to give back by taking youth hunting. It’s about knowing there is more to life than sheds, mounts, and our ‘trophy’ rooms. We feel there is nothing more important than a relationship with Jesus Christ; and God wants to use hunting to share these things to the people of the hunting world.